Our commitments

Since the brand was created in 2012, it has grown very quickly. The label’s creator, Marie Pidancet, wanted to make a commitment to limit Louise Misha’s ecological footprint as much as possible. Fashion is a highly polluting industry and we are fully aware of our responsibility in that area. Thus we seek alternatives to create eco-responsible clothing. Our future organic line is fully inscribed in this approach. Tomorrow, we will expand this experience as much as possible to all our creations.

We have already set up:

  • -Packaging made of biodegradable materials (up to now we used recycled plastic but are currently going further. Our packaging now comes from recycled and biodegradable materials). This packaging is not visible by our clients. It is our in-house approach.
  • -Packaging for e-shop purchases that is now more pared down, compact and responsible.
  • -A GOTS-certified organic clothing line. This certification system for textile products is the most complete in that it requires a production which respects sustainable development. The materials are exclusively organic and bio-sourced (our organic cotton comes from fair-trade commerce). Our garment labels are in recycled cardboard and our packaging pouches are made from corn starch.
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