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A cookie is a small piece of data (text file) deposited during your visit to a site or through the consultation of an advertisement. Its purpose is to collect information relating to your navigation and to send you services adapted to your device in order to improve your browsing experience. One of the reasons why we use cookies is for example to identify you and give access to your account.

If you do not want to use cookies, you must configure your device settings to erase all website cookies and/or receive a notification if cookies are stored. This procedure is explained below.

Some cookies are essential for using the Website, others optimize and personalize the contents displayed.


Cookies that may be saved to your device when you visit the Website pages are issued by Louise Misha and/or third parties. Only the cookie issuer is likely to read or modify the information contained within it.

The examples below are for illustration purposes:

• GOOGLE ANALYTICS: Google Analytics collects data for statistical purposes. These data make it possible to analyze and measure the audience of Jacadi sites. All the data collected allows us to improve our knowledge of navigation and user behavior and thus improve their experience. (example of the type of data collected: number of visits, number of page views, time spent on each page). For more information, please see:

• FACEBOOK: Facebook collects data on the pages users have visited in order to personalize the advertisements they then see on Facebook and Instagram. Users can choose to opt out of this type of advertising by reading the following page.

For more information on Facebook's privacy policy, please see:


• Functional Cookies: These cookies are essentials for good navigation on Louise Misha site. 

• Authentication cookies: These cookies are essential in order to identify you and access your account on our site. They expire when you end the browsing session.

• Security cookies: These cookies are for security and avoiding bot. 

• Analytical cookies: Analytical cookies establish visitor statistics and volumes in order to evaluate and improve our service ergonomics and user experience. 

• Functional cookies: These cookies collect your preferences and thus facilitate your navigation on the site (e.g.: choice of language, products viewed, etc.).

• Advertising cookies: Advertising cookies are not essential for browsing but allow you to see more relevant advertisements personalized to your interests on the Website as well as other websites you may browse.


The cookie manager

You can decide whether cookies are saved on your device using the cookie settings tool by clicking here, in the cookie banner or in the Website footer.

Cookies are managed for cookie purposes.

Your browser settings

You can also configure your browser to accept and save cookies on your device or to reject them. 

Each browser has different settings. These are usually described in your browser help menu. We therefore recommend reading it. This will show you how to change your cookie preferences.

For Internet Explorer:

For Safari:

For Chrome:

For Firefox:

For Opera:

How long are the cookies kept?

 Cookies saved on your device have a maximum lifespan of thirteen (13) months. At the end of this period, personal data collected through the cookies will be deleted.