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Kindness is central to us here at Louise Misha: it guides our every decision, choice, action, and in turn, every creation.

Louise Misha collaborates locally in every country we operate, monitoring the working conditions in all the factories we work with. We are proud of the close working relationship we have with our production partners. We do not hide the origin of our products, some of them are produced in China and India. Both China and India have unique know-how in embroidery, silk, and prints which is hard to find anywhere else.

Contrary to popular opinion, production of high quality items require skilled workers who are fairly remunerated and operate in safe conditions. Behind these creations are a whole team of people. They are an integral part of the development of Louise Misha and we are proud to count them as partners.

Our workshop in India

Area of expertise : prints, silk, cotton and handmade embroidery

We work with two workshops in India run by very charming families. Passionate about their profession, they both emphasize and value human relationships. This is one of the reasons we work with them. Their workshops comply with SMETA audits which attest to their deep commitment to the ethical treatment of employees, and use of environmentally sustainable business practices.

Our workshop in China

Area of expertise : Silk, cotton, lingerie, bathing suits

Though often criticised for their operations, ‘Made in China’ is not synonymous with poor quality underpaid workers. Our family-owned partners in China are proof of that.

The Louise Misha adventure could not have been possible without two wonderful women, Alan and Ada, who fought to create their own company and joined the Louise Misha adventure. Their workshops are smaller, highly skilled operations where workers are paid fairly for their efforts.

Alan and Ada have become close friends of the company with our head designer visiting them regularly. Further to our long-term collaboration, we are fully aligned in terms of values. Their kindness, reactivity, and reliability have made it possible for Louise Misha to grow.

Our workshop in Italia

Area of expertise : knitwear

We have used this workshop near Bologna for several years. Their know-how and expertise in knitwear is second to none.

Our workshop in France

Area of expertise : socks & tights

We have produced our socks and tights in a small factory located in the department of Aube since we started Louise Misha. Their know-how is precious and has been carried throughout five generations.

Our workshop in Portugal

Area of expertise : jersey and fleece in organic cotton

Our organic cotton t-shirts and sweatshirts are made in a workshop located in Porto. Portugal has a high degree of expertise in prints and gentle washes.

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