Relationships with our factories

We visit our partner workshops regularly to verify that the production is running smoothly, discuss ideas with them for going forward and give them feedback from our clients.

We have always worked only with small workshops who pay their employees proper wages. We select all our partner workshops for their high standards in terms of skills and respectful working conditions.


Factory in China (areas of expertise: silk, cotton, lingerie, bathing suits

Though often blamed for their practices, Chinese workshops are not necessarily synonymous with underpaid workers. In China we use a workshop run by an exceptional woman who has fought hard to launch and develop her activity. She is also a friend of the designer.

Factory in India (areas of expertise: prints, silk, cotton and embroideries)

We use two workshops in India run by very charming families. Passionate about their profession, they both emphasize human relationships. This is one of the reasons we work with them.

Factory in Italy (area of expertise: knitwear)

We have used this workshop near Bologna for a number of years. Their know-how and expertise in knitwear is of an extremely high quality!

France (socks and jewelry)

We have produced our socks in France since we started the company. Today we could send this production elsewhere in Europe to have more competitive tariffs but ... we want to keep part of our production in France to support the country’s economy and job market. You may not know it but each Winter our tights and socks are our best-sellers. Thus this production is very important for Louise Misha. We also make our jewelry in our Parisian workshop.

Portugal : (jersey and fleece in organic cotton)

Our organic cotton t-shirts and sweatshirts are made in a workshop located in Porto. Portugal has a high degree of expertise in prints and gentle washes.

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