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Your memories mingle with ours throughout the precious details of this second chapter, whether it be an embroidery reminding us of a flowery garden, a print with perfume from yesteryear, a ruffle inviting us to dance to a music from the past, or a silhouette relating a faraway journey...

Fall outfits with details as wonderful as Alice's journey.

Lovely retro looks that call for a holiday in the country.

The end of summer does not mean the end of your sun salutations !

Playing with styles and eras, patchwork is the perfect emblem of this tribute collection, taking us on a journey through time and around the world.

Boat ride on a river, ballet of falling leaves : our new wardrobe draws a fall season tinged with sweet nostalgia.

Folklo details and meticulous know-how inviting us to slow down…

It's slow life season: a big yes to staying home, but never without your favorite homewear, always soft, flowing and comfortable !

Soft fabrics to snuggle up, patterns and embroideries to marvel at.

For all preppy adventurers in search of new tree.