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A perfume of sweet nostalgia invites itself to the women’s and children’s wardrobes. Nostalgia of childhood, travel, former styles and eras, forgotten skills, encounters and elsewhere… Memories mingle in a joyful parade, with autumn colors, vintage and folklo details, to be discovered in this first back-to-school chapter.

Prints combine their colors and patterns through a poetry of assembly specific to patchwork, this traditional know-how mastered by our grandmothers that deserves to be put in the spotlight.

A bohemian display of floral coats, cozy jackets, capes with handmade embroidery, perfect for snuggling up & walking through enchanted forests.

Vintage prints, loose cuts with a bohemian spirit and sweet retro details : this season is dressed with charms of days gone by.

A soft and unique wardrobe for our little explorers creating memories, to the Sound of Music.

Comforting pieces like memories of a lullaby from the past.

Small autumn pleasures in your colorful cocoon : reading by the fire, sweet hot chocolate and quiet daydreaming.

Romantic and retro lingerie, like a gentle caress of nostalgia on the skin.