The slow season continues. Let’s emerge in winter vibes, in the rhythm of dancing snowflakes. Welcome to our last chapter of slow winter, the time for sharing and celebrating! Let’s slow down a bit and connect with what’s essential, with authentic moments, so joyful and gentle, cozy and comforting. Let’s welcome the liveliness of the winter season that warms up our bodies and our hearts.
Let’s give space to celebration and surround ourselves with people we love!

Winter - a snowy, frosty, and foggy season. It is a perfect time to snuggle and to laze about at home. Dressed in our warm knitwear and our soft pyjamas, we can hibernate in our cozy home nests. As if it was a Sunday every day, we can take pleasure in focusing on ourselves.

Manual activities - a favorite pastime during a cold season - keep children perfectly busy. Let’s enjoy home-made pastry and brighten up our homes with bouquets of dried flowers. Or let’s do a little sewing or knitting, an artisanal skill that we cherish so much at Louise Misha, as every detail is hand-made. And yes, our embroideries and pompoms are delicately hand-made by the artisans in our ateliers, which gives a unique and precious character to each piece.

Winter holidays are coming soon. Every year, beautiful shared moments are added to our precious “memory album”: smiles at reunions, thousands of reflections in the Christmas ornaments, and sparkling party dresses. The whole house and its dwellers shine to celebrate family love and start the new year happy and united.

What can be more fun than playing in the snow? To keep you warm and cozy, down jackets and jumpsuits arrived in the new Louise Misha wardrobe. These real gems for the cold season are made of faux fur and are embellished with prints and delicate embroideries. And to warm up the frozen noses and hands, do not forget knit accessories, a must-have for making snowmen without catching cold.

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