With the appearance of the first yellow, orange or red leaves comes the first frost. That's it, autumn has arrived. For these first holidays of the year, Chapter 3 takes us to the countryside, to recharge our batteries and let go. It's time to reconnect with nature or to stroll indoors and do what you love with those you love.

Children too will conquer the farm, well covered in velvet and wool. Whether on a horseback ride or in the vegetable garden, our autumn pieces accompany them comfortably wherever they go. And after that breath of fresh air comes hot chocolate. Because the autumn wardrobe can be used both indoors and outdoors.

For the approaching holidays or just to make every day a party, pretty pieces have crept into the new collection. Dresses, skirts, blouses, the wardrobe of the woman and the little girl shine with a thousand lights. 

Designed to sublimate all sensualities, the lingerie of this new collection liberates bodies and minds. Discover the most intimate piece of the women's line, our first menstrual panties made in collaboration with Réjeanne. The cold season is approaching with comfort. The knits are worn next to the skin and the pyjamas are worn all day long.

The mood is to immerse oneself in a cosy and comforting atmosphere. We lazily welcome the shortening days and spend afternoons with friends. We disconnect and take the time to do nothing. It's so good to be in the country! 

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