Summer! “The weather is good, the sky is blue; we have nothing to do except be happy”. A breeze makes the leaves of the trees dance; it’s the perfect opportunity to sip a lemonade. It’s almost time to live on love and fresh air, and to also show off our legs!

At Louise Misha, summer begins in spring with a delicate medley of floral prints! Inspired by her childhood memories of Paris, designer Marie Pidancet wanted to bring the sophistication of "the Parisian woman" to her usual world. Blouses, dresses, skirts and jumpsuits are available in harmonious summer tones. The collection invites us to adopt a bohemian yet urban style, both in the city and in the countryside as well!

As a prelude to a summer full of softness, Marie Pidancet has ensured the selection of natural fabrics, such as silk, as well as organic cotton and linen. Viscose is Oeko-Tex certified to offer you a women's collection that is slowly, but surely, committed to more sustainable fashion.

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