At Louise Misha, we are committed to celebrating women every day. Global femininity; individual femininity, as different they can be.

This diary is the perfect opportunity to tell you about them. They are the ones that inspire us, that touch us, that we admire, known or unknown. Through these portraits, we want to give a voice to these women coming from all walks of life.

Today, to inaugurate our portraits section, we are pleased to introduce Anastasia Young. Anastasia is one of our muses. Her pictures are a true ode to nature, travel and motherhood. What struck us about her? Her sincerity, her kindness and her creativity. We are delighted to ask her some questions today!

Could you introduce yourself in a few words, tell us who you are, about your family and what you do for a living?

 I’m Anastasia Young, Russian born, UK raised and Portuguese based photographer and storyteller.... What I should really say though is that I’m writing these words on a beautiful nudist beach near Sagres at 6pm feeling free of any identity, watching the ocean and immersing into its sounds.

My family is little Theia and Kostya, 4 and 31 year old fellow adventurers. You have a particularly sharp artistic eye!

Where did you get this passion for creation and photography?

I studied BA Creative Advertising Strategy in London and this is where my eyes first opened to the weird and wonderful in life. So far I’ve worked as an advertising strategist, festival’s organizer, decorator, art teacher and photographer, so you can clearly see that creation has always been a vital part of my life. And life- a vital part of my creation.

How do you find inspiration in your everyday life?

Inspiration definitely finds me! Good music, people passing by, sun drenched colors of never ending Portuguese summer, kids playing freely in wast sandy beaches, fabrics made by hand and my daughter’s freckles just to name a few.

You travel a lot, especially with Theia who is still little, how do you think these travels influence her way of seeing the world? Did you travel as a little girl?

My father has always run a tourism company so I grew up with big love for discovering the world. Theia being 4 now have visited 14 countries and probably stayed at a hundred Airbnb’s and our friends’ places. What I think she’ll get from all these experiences is that all people are equal (different and similar at the same time), borders are relative and peace is within.

What has motherhood changed for you and how you see the world?

I think I see it clearer now, with the new grounding and purpose. Motherhood is a gift that is beyond our understanding sometimes but it gives exactly the lessons we needed to keep growing so I’m very grateful for that. Learning to control and understand a flow of my emotions, speak to be understood and plan a bit ahead than tomorrow.

What kind of mother are you? What values do you want to share with Theia?

As a mother I think you can never be just one kind, have to be everything in one for your child. I’d say I’m quite an honest mom, Theia sees me happy, worried, out of control, working, playing truthfully every day, every hour. I answer her questions as if she understands true nature of things better than me and always give her options to choose from. I also let her do some weird things that she wants and ask to share her experience after:) Values: Kindness, deep connection to the world and seeing things beyond the surface.

What is your Mantra?

Probably different every day. Love reading mantras in your stories, they always speak to me... just like everything you do at Louise Misha. Big love from Portugal!