We have known Émilie for a few years now, we frequently peruse with envy and our mouth watering pictures she shares on her social media! During the French lockdown, Émilie had even made for us a very nice Pavlova recipe with red fruits. This winter Émilie and her lovely Louise prepared us a nice activity to do along with your children. Enough talking, let’s do these pretty plants wreaths, perfect for the holidays season!

What you need:

Flexible brushwood, flowers in small bunch, some berries, ribbon, glue, scissors

The steps:

1. Chose a flexible brushwood, which fold easily without breaking. For example, Virginia creeper, or Eleannus like in the picture.

2. For the flowers, heather, gypsophila… chose small flowers in a bouquet that can be easily meshed.

3. Roll up the brushwood on itself in several rounds to get a cercle of about 10 centimeters (a bit less than 4 inches), on each round, block the brushwood by passing it inside the previous rounds.

4. Cut the brushwood surplus after 3/4 rounds.

5. Mesh the heather (or other flowers) to keep only the small flowers.

6. Lay out some glue over the top of the wreath, then sprinkle with flowers. Let it dry.

7. Add some berries here and there, paste it.

Finish your wreath by tying a ribbon. Hang it to your Christmas tree, your door, your windows…

Louise is wearing our jumper Tsar, one of our favorites this season! Thank you for this amazing Do It Yourself Émilie !