Going on a photo shoot with a small team is always an adventure! There’s lots of excitement, we need to be resourceful to find the right accessory or point of view (even if it sometimes requires acrobatic manoeuvering!), there’s lots of energy and laughter.

There’s also that magical moment when we see the whole collection take shape in front of our eyes. It becomes real and tangible after long months of work. It’s the opportunity for the rest of the team to discover the collection and witness the spontaneous reaction of little girls who decide on their favorite styles when they see each piece!

DAY 1: The adventure begins: departure for Amsterdam

Five of us set off from Paris in a van: designer Marie, Eulalie Varenne, our favorite photographer (who’s also our van driver!), Marie’s associate Claire (whose main role during the photo shoots is to make our young models laugh!), Laure, the stylist assistant and Laura, our graphic designer who filmed all our adventures.

1st stop: Amsterdam Riding alongside the canals in our huge van to find a parking spot wasn’t easy! The weather was icy cold but we were motivated when our young muse Lilou arrived.

She came from New York with her mother. We adore this little girl, it’s the 2nd time we’ve used her in our photos. She’s incredibly imaginative! Each time she tells us amazing stories about dragons or other imaginary creatures! We took photos in the afternoon while wandering through the streets of Amsterdam. It was a short photo session since the sun set at 4:00 PM!

2nd stop: The Hague

The next day we went to The Hague and the magnificent home of painter Saar Manche where we filmed the second part of the photo shoot. We spent 2 days there, alternating between the magnificent rooms of this large urban house and the nearby sand dunes. Our models talked about Pokemon, Aya Nakamura and Frozen! We loved spending time with these girls and tried to make it the best experience possible for them.

3rd stop: Small villages north of Amsterdam

After 2 days in The Hague, we hit the road again to take photos in the countryside. The photos in nature were dangerous for Eulalie who had to hop from one mud field to another to get the best shots! Then we went to some tiny, well-cared-for villages north of Amsterdam that still look authentic. They have adorable wood houses, lovely flower-covered bridges, even a small port with a lighthouse … it was almost unreal, everything seemed frozen in time! We took photos in the labyrinth of tiny streets before heading back to Paris.