Our winter 20 collection has just been released, for the occasion Marie, the creator of Louise Misha told us about the challenges we faced but also her inspirations ... Happy reading!

« As we introduce our Winter 2020 collection, the emotion is tangible. It must be said that the challenge has been enormous and the mobilization of everyone in the company has been more important than ever. This collection is very resilient. A collection is the culmination of 5 months of intense work from creation to drawings to the final photos. We couldn’t imagine seeing all our work collapse. So, despite the pandemic and lockdown we experienced, we doubled our efforts to achieve the challenge of, once again, offering our clients a beautiful collection this season. As with many other companies, the Coronavirus crisis had a serious effect on us economically.

Louise Misha is a family. A united, kind family. But luckily, as impactful as it has been, this crisis did not knock the wind out of us. On the contrary, together we have overcome it. We are thankful to our workshops, who were also strongly affected by this “health storm”, but who worked intensely, once the lockdown was over, to catch up with the delay.

Right in the middle of these difficult weeks of lockdown, we organized an online sale to collect money for the Hospital Foundation of France. The success was amazing. In one week, we collected almost 10,000 €. This experience was exceptional for our team. We’re very attached to our community and were touched by this support. Since we’re already very close-knit, it gave all of us a boost and a lot of energy.

For many months, we have been working to limit our ecological impact and imagine the most responsible collections possible. Today, it is clear we must continue to advance in this direction. There will be a “world after”, we are convinced of that; we want it to happen and we will encourage it. Together, we will also win the wager to consume in full consciousness while respecting beautiful values. »

Marie Pidancet, Founder & Artistic director of Louise Misha

The theme of our winter collection

In August 2019 I travelled to The Netherlands and discovered, in a tiny village, a museum that featured Northern European folklore. That was when I fell in love with chintz fabrics.

These fabrics, printed in India, were enormously successful in Northern Europe in the 18th century. The fabrics were used to make clothing and also decorate homes. I adored the mix of 2 cultures: the Orient and the Western world, India’s vivid colors (saffron, pink…) combined with Scandinavia’s rough tones (khaki, auburn, black …), flowered motifs that come directly from Rajasthan combined with the checkered gingham tablecloths found in wood houses in Northern Europe.

Everything started from this idea. I like blends. I also like folklore and traditions. The collection focuses on craftsmanship. Some sweaters are completely hand-embroidered which means they are one-off pieces.

The theme of the collection led us to colors and motifs that had never been used before at Louise Misha. In Northern Europe there are a lot of “rough” tones like khaki, auburn or black.

We see these colors on the wood houses, especially those in the countryside. There are lots of small checked place mats inside the homes. So these colors and graphic touches were naturally introduced into the collection.